sneak peek: yasha & ashley

yashley_bewed_2014_01  yashley-quote-1 copy2

So pleased to be able to spend this foggy morning at Kits Beach with Yasha and Ashley. Their love for each other radiated into the moment, despite the chilly January breeze.

yashley_bewed_2014_03  yashley_bewed_2014_04yashley_bewed_2014_05
yashley_bewed_2014_07  yashley_bewed_2014_06yashley_bewed_2014_08

yashley_bewed_2014_09  yashley_bewed_2014_10yashley_bewed_2014_11
yashley_bewed_2014_12  yashley_bewed_2014_13yashley_bewed_2014_14
yashley_bewed_2014_15  yashley_bewed_2014_16yashley_bewed_2014_17


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