bucket list

1. Float down the Amazon River in a wooden canoe.
2. Find my uniform (Think Karl Lagerfeld,Steve Jobs)
3. Sam and I build our lavender farm in the South of France.
4. Cook an apple pie with a woven top – from scratch.
5. Have my first french discussion with a shop keeper about what it’s like to run a business and a family in Paris.
6. Master my own morning green juice
7. Lay in my center splits arms wide
8. Help a company who does amazing things do better
9. Keep seahorses
10. Dip my toes into the freezing ocean while sitting on the edge of an iceshelf inthe Arctic. (And watch a beluga whale swim by!)
11. Get the chance to work with Kate Arands from wit & delight.
12. Go on a trip with Andrew to the Galapagos Islands.
13. Gallop bareback on a painted horse that I get to feed every morning.
14. Have tea with an Olympic gold medalist to ask them what they decided to do after their dreams came true. Phelps would do nicely.
15.  Hike to a glacier lake. Alone. August 2011 It was my birthday. My heart was broken. Never seen anything so icy so beautiful.
16. Master the art of Mac’n’cheese.
17. Cook some palak paneer in Mumbai with one of my new friends I’ve just met.
18. Buy Sam an original Marc Johns for our 10th anniversary.
19. Swim with a wild dolphin in the carribean.
20. Publish a novel.
21. Whisk my mama away to Bhutan and Nepal to say an everlasting prayer.
22. Make a homemade pizza in the Italian countryside.
23. Cook a quinoa casserole in my first kitchen with an island.
24. Watch my dad celebrate his 40th anniversary at GM and fulfill his retirement dream. Help him buy his first amphib plane.
25. Take a photograph of my baby(ies) every day for the first year of his/her life. And every birthday thereafter.
26. Treat a girlfriend to a trip to the Maldives before it goes under.
27. Vote for the first gay prime minister.
28. Teach my first class.
29. Take a lesson on joinery from my Grandad and design/make my first wooden chair out of Swedish pine.
30. Put an African girl through K-12.
31. Hit 10,000 followers on Pinterest or equivalent platform. January, 2013! Going for 100,000 now!
32. Publish a review of one of my favourite restaurants in Vancouver.
33. Go back to Cortes Island on my 50th wedding anniversary.
34. Grow a garden big enough to feed my family for the summer.
35. Have Jody Rogac take my portrait.
36. Name Daisy the cow’s first calf.
37. Take a course at UBC, again – one day.
38. Utter the words, “I’ve been a nonsmoker for 25 years.
39. Publish a collection of inspired objects and interviews with their makers.
40. Prepare/eat a 10 course gluten-free vegan meal for family and friends.
41. Take my high school girlfriends on a road trip across America.
42. Build an artist community of sharing business strategy and ideas in my hometown.
43. Stand up straight once and for all.
44. Subscribe to the Sunday NY Times.
45. Thank the writer(s) of butdoesitfloat.com by sending them a series of photographs.
46. Eat a raw oyster directly from the ocean. March 2012 Cortes Island, big and slurpy. Mmmm
47. Spend a summer helping my dad decorate his new home after he’s built it.
48. Sob at my baby’s first dance recital, science fare, invention, poem, and victory.
49. Tour the North of England with Gran.
50. Be invited to do a set of film stills for an upcoming independent film.
51. Jump in the water at Iguazu Falls.
52. Play at my first poker table with James in Vegas.
53. Pay back my parents.
54. Go on a silent retreat.
55. Make a website for my Gran’s artwork – sell her first piece online.
56. See a pod of orcas in the wild. Hopefully kayaking next to them.
57. Design/make an entire outfit, wear it to Denny’s.
58. Help a friend start their own business. Whether it’s financial, marketing, or design support.
59. See where Marie Antoinette slept. September 2011 Never seen a bed that royal that  small!
60. Poutine. The real thing. In Quebec.
61. Take my kids to see my childhood homes.
62. Do a portrait series of people outside the Pompidou.
63. See a pride of lions in the wild.
64. Start a book club. Actually read all the books. Make it awesome enough that everyone else actually reads all the books. Maybe it’s just ‘readings’ not books. (I’m taking ideas & members)
65. Finish grad school.
66. Paint the giant papier mache flamingo.
67. Have my brother build and design a green house/solarium next to the kitchen.
68. Spend a month in Brooklyn. Exploring. Eating. Writing.
69. 69 at 69, ‘nuff said.
70. Write a blog people actually read. Check it
71. Invent a fruit salad awesome enough to eliminate cantaloupe from all fruit salads.
72. Vote for the first atheist prime minister.
73. Have my own sheep. Shave it. Learn to use a loom. Make my own wool. Knit something.
74. Sing a song we write, publicly.
75. Perfect my own dijon vinagarette
76. Shoot and edit a short film.
77. Run a half marathon. SeaWheeze 2013: haha.
78. Hold my brother’s first child.
82. Make a gigantic dream catcher.
83. Make my own goat feta from Charlie the goat.
84. Be Dorothy for Halloween. Find a cairn terrier and everything.
85. Make an origami bouquet.
86. Portrait series of a flower’s evolution in different liquids (coconut water, coke, ionized water, milk, etc). Submit to the Center for Art + Environment.
87. Cook a lobster.
88. Marry Sam, the man of my dreams.
89. Feel sexier at 50 than I felt on my wedding day.
90. Sleep in the desert. Stare up at the milky wayOctober 2011 Oh yes, did I ever.
91. Be a mentor for a person in each decade below mine.
92. Knit a scarf for myself and each girlfriend.
93. Visit an organic coffee farm and have an espresso.
94. Lock out in Standing Bow.
95. Take a portrait of one of my heroes.
96. Tell Oprah, if not Martha Beck, “Thank You” over tea.
97. Be a frequent contributor to Design*Sponge or equivalent interior style blog.
98. Donate $10,000 to the organization of Katrina’s choice.
99. Publish a photographic memoir of my life.
100. Buy a one way ticket to paradise.

*101. (for good luck) Re-write the remaining things to do at age 50.


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