sneak peek: elim & riley

elims_engaged_01  elims_engaged_quote

Come on! These guys are too much… I just love the way he looks at her. On top of the fact that Elim is potentially the steeziest person I have ever met, Riley could not be more kind and wonderful! So honoured to be a part of their next big adventure. Huge props to the beautiful interior and yummy food at Raineer Provisions! xoxoxo

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farmacie: the first installment

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Farmacie_001_00  Farmacie_001_01

I had the lovely pleasure of sitting down for a slow and gorgeous meal at the first installment of Farmacie’s long table dinners. 86 of us gathered under the trees at the UBC Farm for a five course meal to celebrate and honor the contributions of imagine1day. The meal was brought effortlessly to us by these lovely folks: West, Forage, Nelson and the Seagull, and Aphrodite’s Pie Shop/Earnest Ice Cream. Special thanks to Brit & Jen for their phenomenal work in planning a night we will all remember for the rest of our lives!

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sneak peek: ashley & jeff

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DSC_9942 copy

This is ashley and jeff. After reassuring me that they’re ridiculously excited not to know the gender of the baby, Jeff said “There are only a few big surprises in life,” and I couldn’t agree more. Can’t wait to meet the little boiler and see Lua’s face when she realizes she isn’t queen of the house anymore. Thanks to Elim Chu for her ridic stylin’ skills. ❤ you guys.

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